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Thanks for choosing Academic Excellence Online

*Applications for AEO classes must be submitted by the 4th Thursday of each quarter on ISD 709's school calendar.  AEO will not grant transfers of any kind (comprehensive or supplemental) after the 4th Thursday of each term, however, a special circumstance such as a health condition, etc... can be shared with us via the home high school counselor, which will then be reviewed and considered for a late transfer.    

2023-2024: Enrollment Window Deadlines~

Quarter 1 - Thursday, September 28, 2023

Quarter 2 - Thursday, December 7, 2023

Quarter 3 - Thursday, February 15, 2024

Quarter 4 - Thursday, April 25, 2024

*AEO students must provide their own devices and internet access.

** All AEO courses follow the Duluth Public Schools calendar.

To Enroll 

Please select and complete the appropriate enrollment package linked below:

Current Duluth Public Schools Students:

2023-24 Enroll in AEO Part-Time

2023-24 Enroll in AEO Full-Time

2024-25 Enroll in AEO

Non-Duluth Public School Students:

For Students who have enrolled with AEO before and there are no changes to your household/address, you do not need to complete the Duluth Public Schools Online Registration.

For students who have been enrolled in any MN school now or in the past year, there is no need to upload address or birth verification with the “Duluth Public Schools Online Registration” form, as we will get that from your school.

Enrolling part time please fill out:

Enrolling full time please fill out:

Contact AEO staff at (218)-336-8766 with any questions or for help filling out forms. 

**If all enrollment forms are not completed and submitted within two weeks of your digital application submission, we will terminate the enrollment request.  Please complete ALL REQUIRED FORMS as soon as possible following the submission of your digital application.**

Contact AEO staff if you have questions regarding your situation and enrollment deadlines.  Each enrollment application is reviewed individually - previous coursework may apply and provide an opportunity to enroll and earn a .5 credit after the deadline.