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Wondering if Online Learning is for You?

We expect our students to have:

Good Time Management
Ability to create and maintain a study schedule throughout the semester without face-to-face interaction with a teacher.  Students should expect and be able to spend approximately 5-10 hours a week per course.

Effective Communication
Ability to ask for help, make contact with other students and the instructor online, and describe any problems she/he has with learning materials using email, text messaging and/or the telephone.

Independent Study Habits
Able to study and complete assignments without direct supervision and maintain the self-discipline to stick to a schedule.

A strong desire to learn skills, acquire knowledge, and fulfill assignments in online courses because of an educational goal and ability to maintain focus on that goal.

Academic Readiness
Basic reading, writing, math and computer literacy skills to succeed in the class.

Tech Literacy
Knowledge of how to open, create and/or save a document; use various digital tools.